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R1-02515-0006 by on Flickr.

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Path by xTorfinnx on Flickr.

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Sasa Stucin.

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Posting again because I’m still proud of them, Tracey Emin inspired pillows, lyrics from ‘Inmates’ by The Good Life

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{ as the day grows dim }

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wolf alice - destroy me 

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'I don't know how long I sat in silence for but I felt my heart beat in my ears'
Automatic writings part of a study into the stream of consciousness. I have no memory of writing this and my hand writing is hardly recognisable.

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just downloaded ymas’s latest album and listening to it. makes me feel kinda bummed about not going for their recent concert in sg….

don’t really know why i’m writing here but…maybe cause i don’t really know who to and how to say some things. thoughts are spewing out so i might as well post something short here. how sporadic…

the music is really good. this is real music. i miss real music. not everyone can appreciate my music but i like how my library is.
this is how it is.

been thinking about a load of crap… like how i finished 2 books (albeit pdf versions) today. i still love reading books in their paperback copies more. i like the smell of the rusty pages, the crispness every time i flip a page. the ink imprinted onto the paper. makes it feel permanent. like the story has been engraved into the book. like how every story engraves itself into my mind and spins thoughts in my head like yarn.
i miss reading. i miss books, i miss the literary arts. i miss literature. i miss essay writing. uni just feels….wrong. out of my element. i don’t like what i’m studying.
i wish i could get the best of both worlds. regrets… they leave ugly blemishes on your past.

i want to write. so badly.
there’s a gaping hole in my chest, an aching hunger in the pit of my stomach, begging me to pick up the pen and start writing.
(omg. the album is really good.. can’t believe i’m only listening to it now)
i really miss writing. i mean i /could/ write in my free time but “free” time is pretty sparse now… and i can’t seem to find any inspiration to start writing. since when was writing this hard?

school sucks. i miss my friends. i miss being in the comfort of being able to be myself fully. now i feel like i need to put up a facade all the time, just to fit in. since when was making friends this hard? i hate university. i hate growing up.

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